Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Buy 2 Get 1 Free promotion is working?

Buy 2 Get 1 Free promotion is working on all items priced under $50. Simply add “DEVILSAPPLE” coupon code to your cart and it will automatically deduct the price for the 3rd item (third item must be also placed inside your cart). Please note that this promotion may be not valid in conjunction with other promotions (Special or Flash sales).

How can I pay for items in your store?

We operate with PayPal to process all financial transactions. You can pay with your PayPal Standard account, or you can use your Credit Card information and pay through PayPal Express. In such case you don’t need PayPal account.

Do you sell internationally?

Yes we do!

We ship to most countries with some exceptions.

If you buy a product and we won’t be able to ship it to your country, we will inform you and cancel your order. No worries!

Please note that shipping to some countries can be longer than to others. Shipment to some more remote areas can take from 4-8 weeks (while our standard is 2-4 weeks).

How long it takes for the item to arrive?

It can take up to 5 business days for processing your order and 1-2 weeks for shipping. If you didn’t received your item within 4 weeks and your address is US based you are entitled to full refund. In such case please contact us.

Please note that international shipping times may vary due to differences in each country’s customs office and the shipment’s final destination. Shipping to some countries other than United States can take longer (it is usually about 3-4 weeks but in special cases it can take up to 8 weeks).

Please also note that shipping during special holidays such as Christmas or Easter time can get a little longer due to high volume of packages going through international trade. This is beyond our control and is a standard for international shipments.

Do I have to pay customs and/or tax duties?

It all depends on place of your current residence. Customs and Tax Duties might apply to some regions/countries and if they happen, it is buyer’s responsibility to take care of them. Please be aware of this.

Why I see additional fee called as my home state on my order page?

Occasionally you may see additional fee added on the order page. That fee is calculated based on your home address and it is your federal and/or state tax.

I have a question or I need to send you a message.

Please use our contact form located in our contact section.