Either you are attending your local underground scene, or visiting large international music festival, you have to have a few things on your mind before leaving your house. Here is a few tips that can get you going.

There is many ways you can prepare yourself before going to a heavy metal or rock concert. Let’s start off with basics.


1. Arrange transportation ahead of time

It is good to arrange transportation for the event ahead of time. Review how many people are going with you, and try to have plan for all your gang. You can take an Uber, a cab, a bus or take your bike/Mustang from your garage. All forms of transportation are enough if they take you to the place. Just make sure everyone is on the same page.

2. Check the weather the day before

It is preferable to check the local weather report the day before. It will tell you if you should be prepared for (un)expected rainfall or snowfall. If you do it the day before it will give you small window to adjusting your outfit accordingly.

3. Pack your esential items

On the day of the concert, prepare and pack your esential items. Get bottle of water, bottle of booze and earplugs. Charge your smartphone ahead of time, or even better – leave it at home as getting into Mosh Pit can leave it broken in no time. Good practice is to actually move your sim card to some old unused phone which you won’t need anymore. This is an old trick for old dogs. Oh, don’t forget a pen or a marker if you want your favorite band’s autograph.

4. Drink lots of water before you head out

Drinking lots of water before you head out can help you with hangover the next day. It is very common for rock concert attendees to drink amusing ammounts alcohol during the concert. The problem with it is the next day hangover that can shorten your amazing concert memories and make them feel like, um, hell. If your organism will get proper hydration before you head out, you will minimize the feeling of evil hangover.

5. Make sure you have your ticket ready

When preparing for the concert of your life there is a lot of things to remember. It is easy to forget many parts of your preparation even if it is so crutial part of your going-out plan. DON’T FORGET YOUR TICKETS! Print it ahead of time, or use special phone application to have them always with you.

6. Prepare your outfit ahead of time: look badass.

Now that you know you still have some time before a concert, now make sure you will look badass on the day of the concert. Usually there are plenty of options for you. Starting from going to your local thrift store in the look for old, vintage metalhead jacket, to buying brand new in your local leatherwork store can be both profitable in the long run. There are also options for add-ons that will make you look like you drank from the goblet of heavy metal music whole your life. For example Devil’s Rings online store (our store) with concert rings is specifically crafted for heavy metal fans. You can get here great selection of rings and amazing quality products. Mentioning that, with the promo code: “ROCKMETALMIND” you will get 10% off on all products. Just make sure you order ahead of time, since the free worldwide shipping takes about 2-3 weeks (to be safe please order 4 weeks ahead of the concert). Hail Satan!

7. Rock On!
Have fun and remember to always stay safe and be responsible for yourself and others.

Let The Rock’n’Roll Be Always With You! \m/